Evaluation Workshop on February 23!


Participatory evaluation can be a valuable approach used to engage program participants, staff and organizational stakeholders about program goals, outcomes and potential directions for the future.  It is based on an asset-based, proactive model that respects the experiences and opinions of everyone involved with the program or activity.

During this workshop with Keisha Farmer-Smith, participatory evaluation will be introduced and explored via power point, a case example, a small group brainstorm and interactive dialogue.  Participants will learn about participatory evaluation as an asset based theory and practice.  The presenter will identify key components (potential strengths and issues) of this evaluative strategy and explore why this approach has been used successfully in some non-profit communities.

This training is designed for staff of nonprofits who want to strengthen their skills in understanding the role and purpose of participatory evaluation.  Attendees will have a chance to identify obstacles to the evaluation process, and brainstorm ways to create an evaluation culture inside their organization.  The presenter will also share basic information about methodology, data collection tools, and analysis.  In order to keep the training interactive, participants will learn in a small group setting.

Trainer: Keisha Farmer-Smith

DETAILS:  Thursday, February 23, 2011 — from 5:30 to 8:30 pm at the Chicago Freedom School, 719 S. State Street #3N

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR THIS WORKSHOP!!!  To register, please fill out this form

Workshop fees:  Please note that these fees cover attendance at the workshop PLUS 2 hours of follow-up consulting support for your organizationWe are committed to making our workshops open to youth-led and intergenerational groups with limited funds.  If these costs are still too high for your group, please contact us to discuss a scholarship.

To pay online, please visit the Chicago Freedom School website, and scroll down to “Special Events.”

If your group’s budget is…. Cost for 1 person Cost for 2 people Cost for 3 people
Under $50,000 $20 $25 $37.50
Under $100,000 $30 $40 $60
Under $150,000 $40 $50 $75
Over $150,000 $50 $75 $115

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