Welcome to the Center for Emerging Leadership!


We are proud to announce the launching of the Center for Emerging Leadership, a new project to the development of youth-led and intergenerational progressive social justice projects and organizations.

Over the past few months, we’ve reached out to many new & emerging social justice groups in Chicago.  These groups are working on issues including LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, women’s and girls’ rights, education issues, ending the prison industrial complex, and more.  Many of the groups have been founded, and being led by, young people.  We were inspired by their work, and hopeful about the movement-building possibilities here in Chicago and beyond.

This is what we heard from the groups we surveyed and met with. You are looking for support in building stable, sustainable projects and organizations that can effectively support your social justice efforts.  The priorities we heard about included learning about fundraising, evaluation, budgeting, financial management, finding allies & support networks, and more.  Groups are looking for trainings, consulting support, and materials that you can use to build your new organizations.

We’ve taken all of those ideas, and built this pilot project based on them. In the coming months, we will be:

  • holding trainings to help new and emerging organizations develop sound structures
  • holding workshops for those considering launching a new social justice project
  • providing free and low-cost consulting services to new & emerging organizations
  • producing materials to support these efforts

We welcome you to get involved!  Share your comments on this post about what other needs your group has, and please join our mailing list to get updates about our workshops and services!


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