The Center for Emerging Leadership provides training, consulting and technical assistance to new and emerging social justice groups, with a focus on groups that are youth-led and intergenerational.

New and emerging groups are faced with dozens of decisions, such as:

  • How to determine if a new project is needed, and if so, whether it should be a free-standing organization, a project of another organization, and a short or long term initiative
  • How to determine whether to apply for 501(c)3 status, the federally recognized nonprofit tax status
  • How to hone a mission statement, vision and guiding principles
  • How to find a fiscal sponsor, negotiate a fair agreement, and build a good working relationship with the sponsor
  • How to identify allies, support networks, advisory board, and board members
  • How to budget and establish financial management procedures
  • How to fundraise, from grantwriting to grassroots fundraising
  • How to build an organizational structure that reflects the values of the founders and members
  • How to build accountability processes and early evaluation
  • How to assemble an initial board

The Center for Emerging Leadership aims to help new & emerging organizations to answer these questions.  Our goal is to support the development of a social justice movement with strong, effective organizations, in which young people and their adult allies learn the skills to build organizations that are sustainable and reflect their core values.